Am Mrovana Kar Dakan

Those People Working..

This project has several virtues, view with solo and group art shows, seminars, discourse and text at different times and places. Avan Omer is an organiser and curator of this project and analyses its targets for this project.
As it is common sense these days in all venues, society, community and sectors after first integration or exposure with the other lots of questions will be generated after identifying yourself the following question is what's your occupation? Generally, we can point to the existence or the human that is connected to their job and became the title of that person sometimes.

Some people are distinguished by their occupation and became their surname. The value of this idea is getting approach and analyse it. There is a huge differ- ence between excitement and enthusiasm to be on board for this matter. Another headline of this concept is the gender has a role to divide the occupations, de- pending on its heavy duties or appropriations’. Ironically, the occupation depict- ing your value in society. This is always a sort of classification that came through or we can say labialization. We are coming to the point to describe the job what is the job?

What are the pros and cons? Is the economy having its affection on the equality and equity between the gender? How could we cope without having an occupa- tion?

This project highlights our integration with the jobs, activities, and connections. How this relates to the individuals? Aiming to sum up the verity of perspectives and unify them to see the outcome. Different discourses regarding gender with a bunch of groups that attended. Hence, this effort was run voluntarily and cooper- ated, did not have a fund or support by any organization or government. Mainly the performance was in Sulaymaniyah but, at different times and places. The fol- lowing step is arranging some seminars for that purpose.

About the Shows

Harre :Shirwan Fatih 03/06/2021 At Nawroz Secondary school/ Sulaimany
Dropping: Rebeen Majed 10/06/2021 At Esta Gallery2/ Culture Factory /Sulaimany
Film: Jeanne Dielman , Shnaya Ari 08/06/2021 At yilmaz guney Cinema Hall/ Amna suraka/ Sulaimany
My mother washed the mountain : Rozhgar Mahmood 15/06/2021 At Dayk Park ( motherpark)/ Sulaimnay
Time: Rayan Yousif 19/06/2021 At Zalga Gallery / Culture Factory/ Sulaimany
Yelling : Avan Omar different times different location/ Sulaimany
Chaq: Hazha Khalid different times different location/ Sulaimany
Raste : Dialogue and unknowing Artists 03/07/2021 At Gallery Kareem Chawshin/ Sulaimany
کرافت : Narmin Mystafa 04/07/2021 At Gallery Azad Shawqi/ Sulaimany
Sujin ( Needle) : Group show of Avan Omar, Avan Sdiq, Rozhgar Mahmood, Marie-Andrée Pellerin and Hazha Kalid. 10/07/2021 At Gallery Karem Chawshin / Sulaimany

The Seminars

The woman’s physical as a unique object, by Shara Tahir.
Working upon the description of the violence, by Hozan Mahmood.
Women are also working , by Gona Saeed

Other Activities

Work Text by Walid Omar
An Introduction to Theorising the Question of Labour, Women and the Emergence of Violence in Kurdistan, by Peshraw Mohammed