The woman’s physical as a unique object

By Shara Tahir
Curator: Avan Omar

In the light of this article, Shara Tahir highlights the concept of alienation in Karl Marx's theory from a psychoanalytic perspective. She explains that before women were alienated as workers in the capitalist system, they were already alienated through patriarchy, meaning that the roots of this are much deeper and older. This has put women in a narcissistic or narcissistic position with themselves and their bodies. So that they are spectators and at the same time they themselves are seen, but she sees herself through the eyes of the men. Tahir then points out how the patriarchal and capitalist systems that created this situation end up benefiting and continuing to be recycled. The main line of the seminar:

⁃ Work and productivity are important human activities that are distorted and devalued in the capitalist system.
⁃ Before being alienated as a worker, a woman is alienated from herself by family and society, which leads her to self-love (narcissism) with her body and creates her own twin, another woman to compare herself with.
⁃ In the patriarchal system, women have only three roles: motherhood, virginity and prostitution.
⁃ If the alienation of workers is a cause of revolution, the alienation of women is quite the opposite, it does not cause revolution because women are happy and satisfied with the situation.
⁃ Although the capitalist system is built on injustice, it will not be destroyed because it holds within itself a promise that makes it sustainable.
⁃ The body in the capitalist system is constantly changes, always in the way the system wants

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Shara Tahir Born in Sulaimany/ Kurdistan, received a Bachelor of Social Psychology from Skövde University, Sweden in 2011 and a Bachelor of English Literature from Salahaddin University in 1996. She is currently pursuing a Master in social works at Gothenburg University, Sweden. Passionately engaged in diverse intellectual activities to promote cultural integration among different peoples. Tahir was a director for a humanitarian women’s organization in Sweden. She is currently a supervisor working with an organization for exposed girls for violence and sexual abuse. Shara participated in the project (These People Are Working) by giving a seminar under the title (The woman’s physical as a unique object)